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The Perfect Instrument


I’ve owned close to 30 guitars cumulatively within the 15 years that I have been playing guitar. However, my favorite guitar that I have ever owned did not come into my possession until last year, and that is the Elliott Tonemaster. Some of my favorite players use Elliott, like John Mark McMillan, Drew Shirley, and James Duke. Andy Elliott is a master craftsman who builds all of his guitars by hand, and each finished instrument is a work of art, but also was made to be played. There’s just a special magic to Elliott guitars, obviously in the way they look, but more importantly, how they handle and sound. There’s just this feeling of “I don’t need another guitar because nothing can be better than this”. Granted, that hasn’t stopped me from buying more guitars since acquiring the Tonemaster, but that’s only because I’m always curious to try new things, and they’ve still not been as good.

I met Morgan a few months ago, and she’s a talented makeup artist who also happens to be a great model with cool style, and I knew that she’d be perfect for this concept. This shoot was all about the interaction between her and the guitar, and how they complement each other. It was a bit challenging for me, as I usually focus entirely on the person and don’t utilize “props”, but Morgan made it such a pleasure.

Special thanks to the Hotel Kabuki San Francisco for allowing us to shoot in their lobby.