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The Best of Chicago


In May of this year, I visited Chicago for the first time. This was a fun and fulfilling trip for a number of reasons, one of them being the great pleasure of spending time with and photographing Anna Blanchard. She’s a talented singer, performer and model, and all around wonderful person, born and raised in the Chicago area. Little did I know when I first met her that we would take some of my favorite shots of all time together.

We were able to visit a few iconic locations in the downtown area. First was the Skydeck at Willis Tower, where there was zero visibility.


Next, we went to the Rookery Building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We were there for the regal spiral staircase.


We made a quick stop at one of the Loop stations to get some train shots.


Finally, we paid a visit to the Art Institute. It was really peaceful inside, and there were several spots with good natural light. As someone else put it, “Looking at art or being the art?”


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