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A Touch of Nostalgia


Is it possible to feel nostalgic for something that you’ve never experienced?

Often when I watch movies set in the 1950’s, I find myself wishing that the present could look more like that, or more impossibly, I could have lived during that time. There’s just something about that time that makes it seem like a golden age of sorts in American history. Sure, there were some problems, but the fashion, culture, and music were so elegant, and have since become iconic and classic. I suppose American society will never get to a similar place again; we can only pretend. Hence the idea for this shoot.

I’ve known Alex since college. We became friends in junior year and have stayed in touch even after graduation. Alex is one of the most creative, golden-hearted, and joyful people I know, and she has this classic natural beauty that I knew would be perfect for this concept. Now that we’re both working adults with busy schedules, not to mention living in different parts of the state, meeting up in person is difficult, but somehow we were able to make it work when she was on her way back home from a trip. This all came together on pretty short notice, which makes her outfit, hair and makeup even more impressive to me. As with all of my other shoots, there’s no professional stylist or HMUA involved, just the model doing everything herself. We shot in a diner and outside a movie theater.