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A few weeks ago, Lindsey asked me if I could help her out with some portraits. Lindsey is the kind of girl who's not super active on social media, so most of her Facebook photos were quite outdated, and she wanted some nice, updated photos of herself that she could use. As good of a reason as any, right? We agreed to have the shoot at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, which is a beautiful work of classic architecture. When we got there, we immediately were faced with a challenge: the central courtyard was blocked off, which meant that visitors were entering and exiting the museum via the side corridors where we were planning to shoot. Despite this, because we only had one hour before the museum closed, we got straight to work.  Lindsey had brought along two outfits. The first was an elegant red dress:

And the second was a pink dress reminiscent of fairies, princesses, and summer (to me, anyway).  

Bear in mind that for the whole time, we had to work around people walking towards and past us. More than a few elderly ladies paused to give compliments such as, "Beautiful dress!" "You look gorgeous!" and other nice things.  And I had to agree, Lindsey looked amazing. She was somewhat unfamiliar with modeling, but with a little coaxing, we were able to get some nice poses and expressions:

That last shot is one of my favorites from this session. You may have noticed that I applied a couple of different looks while editing. I decided to do this because for some of the photos, I wanted to preserve the feel of the originals as they were shot and give them a faded, melancholy, almost medieval look. For others, I wanted to make them look clear and bright. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this shoot for the location, the model, and the results, despite the challenges of shooting that day.  As always, drop me a line if you would like to work with me on future projects, and leave a comment if anything catches your interest!

Gear used in this shoot:
-Canon 5D Mark III
-Canon 50mm f1.4 lens

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