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The Everygirl - Julia Goodwin Design Home Tour

Earlier this year, The Everygirl wrote a Facebook post asking for an SF Photographer to help them do a home tour shoot for an upcoming interview. My friend Sylvie tagged me in a comment (thanks, Sylvie!), so I emailed them with links to my work. A couple of months later, I got a reply saying that they would like to bring me on to do the shoot. I am somewhat familiar with interiors, but whereas in the past I would just casually snap photos of whatever I found interesting, now I would have to be much more intentional.  I connected with Julia Goodwin, the lady who was going to be interviewed, and we met once before the shoot so I could scope her place out. It's a small but tasteful apartment unit in Pacific Heights, and Julia Goodwin is an SF based residential interior designer who has worked on a wide range of homes from traditional to contemporary.

Here are some wide shots of each room.
Julia is an interior designer, so obviously she has good taste in home decor and arrangement:
According to her, "I love to collect items from my travels, posters from concerts & let my space grow with me. I try to mix high and low pieces... I love all forms of art but to relax, sketching is a wonderful 'escape' for me."
I really enjoyed this shoot. We weren't constrained by time limits, so I was able to relax and make sure that I was getting the right shots. I would definitely work with both The Everygirl and Julia Goodwin Design again. Read the full interview from The Everygirl

Gear used in this shoot:
-Canon 5D Mark III
-Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
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