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DISCOURSE: April - Lee Cabuhat

You know those people that everybody loves because of how positive and encouraging they are? I first met Lee Cabuhat at a creatives collective night, and I immediately took a liking to him, because not only was he really well put together, but he was also humble and genuinely friendly. I had the privilege of sitting down with Lee on 420 to chat about career, spirituality, art and charity.

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DISCOURSE: February - Tessa Ratner

If I could describe Tessa Ratner in one word, I would choose "analog". She really puts a lot of effort and care into bringing the art that she engages in back to the basics. I've known Tessa for about a year and a half. I first knew about her when I saw @tessarenae show up in my Instagram notifications, and then one day we met pretty randomly, and it turned out that we go to the same church. Ever since then, Tessa and I have hung out together quite a bit, and I've gotten to know her pretty well. She currently works as a flight attendant for Virgin America. This month, I had the opportunity to meet up with her at a local Sunset record store, and then chat with her at her apartment.

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